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TiDiDaa Reward Points are loyalty points that we credit to your TiDiDaa Account every time you make a purchase. The value of each Reward Point depends on the category of products you purchase. For example, TiDiDaa has a policy to promote MADE IN GHANA products, therefore, the Reward Points credited to your account are higher for such categories.

Look out for the Reward Points for each product as shown below.


You can also win TiDiDaa Reward Points as part of our Contests and Promotions. Your TiDiDaa Reward Points can be used at any time to pay for products.

In a case of cancellation or return of a cash on delivery or prepaid order made using TiDiDaa Reward Points, your refund will be credited in the form of Reward Points.

So, go ahead, BUY MORE, EARN MORE

You can check your Reward Points from "My Account"


Use your reward points as illustrated


When on the checkout page, enter the amount of reward points you want to spend in the field on the right. The sum you have to pay will be recalculated automatically.