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Why Gift Certificate Is The Best Present Nowadays

How often do you find yourself wondering what present you should buy for someone?
Choosing presents for friends is easier because you know their habits and preferences. But what about the people whom you know less?
There is hardly such a person who wants their present to gather dust in the cupboard and get thrown away during cleaning or given as a gift to someone else.

A present does not only express love, it also reminds about the person who gave it.This is especially true when we truly appreciate the present.

Give your friends and loved ones a gift certificate of TiDiDaa, and you can be sure that they will choose a present to their liking and will remember that you care!

Once a gift certificate is created, you add it to cart and order as you order a regular product.

The person who receives the certificate can then visit TiDiDaa, choose products from our catalog and add them to cart. At checkout, he or she will be offered to redeem the certificate by entering the certificate's code. The certificate's worth will be subtracted from the order total. If the certificate doesn't cover the order total completely, the rest of the sum can be paid via any available payment method.

Our certificates never expire and can be used to pay for orders at any time. It is also possible to use the same certificate for multiple orders if the certificate's worth hasn't been spent entirely.